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Performing Arts


Students can unleash their creative flair through dance and drama performances, competitions, exhibitions and enrichment programs.
Students with particular interests and talents can participate in local and statewide activities in visual arts, music, dance and drama.

  • Dance
  • Debating and Multicultural Public Speaking
  • Drama
  • Music

Music Ensembles
Aside from the weekly class music lessons children receive (outlined on next page), there is a keen music scene at Dulwich Hill.

Participating in extra curricular groups such as the music groups offered at Dulwich Hill is a wonderful way for children to increase their musical skills, learn more about working together with others, have FUN and cement friendships with their peers. Research shows that participation in music making from an early age has many benefits for brain development and social and academic success at school and later on in life.

As parents you may be wondering about how your child can be involved. This explains the options. 

  • - School Bands
  • - Choir Groups
  • - Recorder Groups
  • - String Groups

Community Nights

At the end of every term a Performance evening is held, featuring Dulwich Hill Students. These evenings include items prepared by both class groups and the extra curricular groups. It is intended that every class (and hence every child) performs at least once a year at a Community Night. Working towards these performance evenings is an exciting endeavour and a huge boost to children's confidence and presentation skills. Community Night is usually held on a Thursday night in the last two weeks of term from 6 – 7:30pm.

Music Showcase Evening - Once a year a Showcase Evening Concert featuring the music groups and selected soloists is held. This is a fund raising evening run by the P & C Music Sub-Committee. The fund raising is usually directed at purchasing expensive musical instruments. Over the last few years these evenings have seen enough money raised to purchase a range of instruments including euphoniums, timpani and a piano.