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School Overview


School Overview

School Hours: 9.15 – 3.15

8.45am : Executive on duty

Bell Times

Morning bell and school starts : 9.15am

Lunch : 11.30am

Recess : 1.45pm

School finishes: 3.15

School Start Time

Students who arrive at school after 9.15am are required to go to the front office to collect a late pass, before going to class. All late arrivals have to be documented for the school attendance information as required by the Department of Education.


Students are required to wear school uniform at all times to encourage a sense of community and identification with school values. The uniforms can be viewed online. Orders and purchases can be made on Tuesday and Friday from 8.30am. Second hand uniforms in very good condition are also available for sale.


The school canteen operates from Monday – Friday. Orders can be placed in the lunch order box located at the front of the canteen

Parent/ Teacher Interviews and Student Reports

A child’s successful schooling depends on a cooperative partnership between the parents/carers and teachers. The school welcomes the opportunity for teachers to speak with parents/carers about a student’s progress. Twice a year there is an opportunity for interviews to take place. at other times it is important to ring the school first or speak to the class teacher directly to make an appointment time. This allows the teacher to set aside sufficient time to speak with you without interruption.

Community Night

At DHPS we celebrate a Community Night at the end of each term. Performances by specific stages, music ensembles, choirs and bands are celebrated. Before the commencement of Community Night, delicious food is provided by the canteen manager and or other groups of people. The food served is representative of our Indigenous and diverse cultural backgrounds.


Our Academic Merit and Citizenship assemblies are held at the end of term 4. Academic (for outstanding or greatest improvement) and Citizenship (for Leadership or Kindness) are recognised at these assemblies


Any visitors to school need to sign in at the front office, obtain a visitor’s badge and wear it for the time they are on the school premises. At the end of the designated time, please return badge to the front office and sign out.

 Out of Schools Hours (OOSHS)

Camp Australia is the provider for before and after school care. Please call 1300105343 to arrange for child care or alternatively visit

Vacation care also provided on the school site. Before school hours : 7.00am – 9.15am

After school hours: 3.15pm – 6.00pm