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Kindergarten Staff

Jillian Jackson - Stage Supervisior

KG - Ms Judith McIntyre

KB -  Ms Jillian Jackson

KY -  Ms Jacqui Smith

KR - Mr Chris Ng / Mrs Joy Tooher

Music -  Ms Chris Ng

Drama - Ms Jessica Hughes

Library - Helen Gray

Teaching and Learning Term 2

Following is an overview for Term 2.


  • Building on sound and sight word recognition
  • Developing reading skills and strategies
  • Working towards independent writing
  • Handwriting—developing correct formation of letters and pencil grip



  • Reading and writing numbers to 20
  • Counting to 20 and   beyond
  • Describing and continuing patterns (shapes, colours, and sounds)
  • Further work on addition and subtraction strategies
  • Sharing and grouping objects
  • Fractions (equal halves)
  • 2D Shapes
  • Language of measurement including time and length


History & Geography

This term, we have a focus on Australia’s First People. Through historical inquiry, students explore the history and heritage of Indigenous Australia. Students will develop a narrative about the past through involvement with a range of sources such as language, maps, artworks,   artefacts, local people, digital media, stories, oral histories, books and photographs.Students will develop an understanding about the importance of looking after places and explore how the location of places can be represented visually. Students will participate in various activities and incursions with members of our Indigenous community. The cost of these activities is covered on the Term 2 invoice.


Integrated with the History and Geography unit this term in Science, students will learn about the observable properties of different materials and how this affects what materials are used to make specific objects. They will also have opportunities to identify how places and spaces are made to suit their purpose.

Creative Arts

Student will study a particular artist this term and use a variety of media to create works of art.

Students will continue to participate in drama, music and library activities with our specialist teachers.

Please help your child to keep track of their belongings and make sure that all jumpers, jackets, hats, lunchboxes, containers and drink bottles are well labelled. It is important to check your child’s communication folder each night for notes .