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Year 1

Year 1 Staff

Maria Pala - Stage Supervisor

1J - Ms Maria Pala

1L - Ms Margy Lawson

1O - Ms Kath Orr

EAL/D—Mrs Tina Lagoutaris

Music— Ms Jenny Gibson

Drama—Ms Clare Munro

Library—Ms Helen Gray


Teaching and Learning Term 3

English and Mathematics

During this term the students will continue to change their home readers everyday. Spelling will be taught using a phonics program. Students will continue to learn English content through Speaking and Listening, Writing and Representing, Reading and Viewing , grammar, punctuation and vocabulary, thinking imaginatively and creatively, expressing themselves and reflecting on their learning. In Mathematics students will be continuing to explore mathematical concepts through a range of learning activities. Students will explore mathematical problems and develop mathematical fluency. Students will link mathematical ideas and use appropriate language and diagrams to explain strategies used.

History and Geography

This term students will be studying a History unit called ‘The Olden Days-The Way We Were.’ This unit aims to give students the opportunity to identify change and continuity in family and daily life. If you have any old photos, toys or objects that you would like to share please send them in with your child, clearly marked, so the class can observe these ‘Olden Day’ objects. All Stage 1 students will attend an excursion to Vaucluse House. This excursion provides students with experiences of games, activities and what life was like in1850’s.

Physical Education and Personal Development

This term we have the Got Game Basketball Program. The Got Games program is on Thursdays for 40 minutes over an 8 week period.  This program encourages self confidence in pupils, develops motor skill competencies and builds teamwork and social skills. This PDHPE program, was developed to deliver NSW PDHPE syllabus outcomes and is now at the forefront in progression to National Statements of Learning. Classes will continue to focus on Fundamental Movement and Athletic Skills as well as cardio fitness this term. Your child’s teacher will provide more details on selected times.

Bravehearts is a program aimed at teaching children personal safety and encourages children to speak out about any unsafe situations. Students will be attending Ditto’s Keep Safe Adventure a 35 mins interactive show presented by a trained facilitator.

Please help your child to keep track of their belongings and make sure that all jumpers, jackets, hats, lunchboxes, containers and drink bottles are well labelled.