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Year 3

Year 3 Staff

Barbara Kirszman - Stage Supervisor

3H - Mr David Hilton

3T - Ms Florini Tatsakis

3/4RL - Ms Cheryl Rose and Ms Tina Lagoutaris

EAL/D—Ms Julie NG

Music— Ms Jenny Gibson

Drama—Ms Felicia Perdios

Library—Ms Helen Gray


Teaching and Learning Term 3


This term students will be studying a Geography Unit called—Places are similar and different. In the unit, we are looking at different places within Australia and how our perception of places influences how we look after them. There will be a focus on our local area and how the Cooks River has been perceived and looked after over time. There will be an excursion to the Cooks River where students will take part in Science, History, Art and Geography activities. Cost for this excursion is covered in the Term 3 invoice.

Indigenous Studies

Aboriginal education will form a big part of our learning in Geography. The relationship that Aboriginal peoples have had with different areas around the country will be analysed and contrasted with the relationship that other groups have had over time.

Physical Education and Personal Development

Classes will be focusing on Fundamental movement skills, athletics skills, game sense and overall cardiac fitness this term through class sport. As a stage, are taking part in a gymnastics program. Cost for the gymnastics program is overed in the Term 3 invoice.

English and Mathematics

Students continue to participate in a variety of activities in these key learning areas and teachers to integrate ICT into all areas.


This term, students will be learning about heat in science. As part of this unit, we had an incursion with The Surfing Scientist who really blew our mind! Cost for this incursion is covered in the Term 3 invoice.


Please help your child to keep track of their belongings and make sure that all jumpers, jackets, hats, lunchboxes, containers and drink bottles are well labelled.