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Year 6


Year 6 Staff

Liz Newell - Stage Supervisor

6C - Olja Pantic (Mon, Tue) Veronyka Campbell (Wed, Thurs, Fri)

6N - Liz Newell (Mon - Thurs) Emily Nagle (Friday)

Teaching and Learning Term 3

Geography and Science: Extreme Weather Changes

From a scientific view, students will study how extreme weather changes can affect the earth’s surface. e.g. cyclones, droughts, floods or bushfires. From a geographical view, students will investigate the impact of bushfire hazard in Australia, on the natural vegetation and damage caused to communities.

History: Australian Migration Part 2

We continue to study migration but this term we focus on trends since 1950’s to the present, including recent refugee history. An assessment project will be on interviewing a community member on his/her specific migration story.

English: Reading and Viewing, Writing and Responding to texts will be linked to units of work where relevant. Non-fiction writing and building specialised vocabulary in the areas of history, science and geography are important aspects of the English curriculum.

Physical Education

This Friday the 21st July is marked for the Athletics Carnival and so please ensure you have returned the permission note which was handed out last term.  This term, class teachers will take their own classes for sport and fitness.

Personal Development and Health

The syllabus strand titled ‘Personal Health Choices’ which covers the topics, Making Decisions, Nutrition, Health Services and Products and Drug use will be the areas studied in classes this term.

Homework and Assessment Projects

Homework will be given every week this term until camp in week 8. This is a total of 7 weeks. Students will be given two assignments. First, a Migration Interview Project due in mid- term and then a science project on Natural Disasters, due in the week before camp. Please see the homework for this week for more details.

Milson Island CAMP is from the 6th- 8th of September (Week 8 of this term) All students who have returned an Expression of Interest can attend. Payment  will be around $300 and included on your Term 3 invoice. Please do not pay for camp until you receive your invoice which will be handed out next week.  It must be fully paid by Friday 11 August. A camp note explaining Medical Consent forms accompanies this note. Your child will NOT be able to attend camp until payment is received and paperwork completed.

Non-Camp Students Those who are not going to camp will form one group at school. They will be going on an excursion to the Ropes course and aquatic centre at Homebush Olympic Park. The time at school will incorporate a range of interactive activities and the details of the program will be sent home shortly. Please note that a cost of about $45 to cover excursion will be on your term Invoice. Please do not pay this until you receive the invoice.


Market Day will be on Wednesday 20th September, in the last week of the term. It is a day where Year 5 and 6 students plan and organise themselves, a range of food and fun activity stalls for all students Kindergarten to Year 4 to enjoy. It is a fund-raiser for the outgoing Year 6 students and money raised subsidises their end of year Farewell Dinner Dance and the Year 6 T-shirts (T-shirts will be ordered this term for the last term) Students will have a planning meeting in in month, where they form Stall Groups. This year Market Day WILL NOT be providing lunch orders for the students, rather just a range of snacks and games. We welcome parent help on this day.

The Year 6 Musical

Towards the end of the term, Year 6 students will spend time reading the Musical script and have time to consider and try out for the way they will be involved (acting, dancing, stage hands, sound tech, choir etc) At the beginning of Term 4 students will be ready to start rehearsals.

Debating for Interested Students

The formal debating competition has ended. However, Ms Hoang is continuing to run debating for all students interested as an informal practice. These sessions will be held on Friday lunchtimes starting Week 3 of this term until Week 7.

High School

Many Year 6 students are now receiving confirmation of their high school placements. We understand that some students are on wait lists and that this can cause some anxiety. Please see either Ms Campbell or Ms Newell if you find your child is needing some assurance. Both Year 6 classes spend time in class discussing transitions however we encourage students to enjoy being present in Term 3.

Preparing for high school
Here are some helpful resources for students and parents:
•    Starting high school and How to have a great year at high school View videos of Year 7 students introducing primary students to high school life, plus great tips on making friends and getting organised.
•    Ready for high school checklist (PDF 1,015KB)

Student Leaders

New Gardening Team

As a follow-on from Term 3’s science and garden lessons, three student enthusiasts have been selected from each Stage 3 class to continue care for the understory plants Stage 3 planted last term.

House Captains

Thank you to all the House Captains who stayed focused in helping organise the qualifiers for the Athletics Carnival and who will be supporting Mr Tuton run the carnival and also assist in the upcoming K-2 Sport Fun Day.

Ambassadors and Year 6 SRC

Ambassadors are greatly appreciated for their daily responsibility to hand out first aid kits to teachers on playground duty. They presented the ANZAC assembly with confidence and will be the organisers for this Terms Community Night. This semester, Ambassadors and Year 6 SRC will be organising the PLAY SHED for equipment as well as starting supporting Danielle in selling specific items in front of the canteen.

Bell Ringers

Thank you Jeslyn and Yacine for ringing the school bells in Term 2 and we thank in advance the Term 3 bell ringers who will be finalised this week.

Stage 3 Merit Assembly

On most Tuesday afternoons, Stage 3 classes gather to celebrate weekly recipients of Merit cards and enable a time for us to discuss issues pertinent to Stage 3.

 New Teachers on Year 6

We welcome Olja Pantic on 6C on Mondays and Tuesdays, starting in Week 3, and Emily Nagle on 6N on Fridays starting this week. Both teachers are replacing Jade Fogarty who took both Year 6 classes last semester. The classes will now be known simply as 6C and 6N. Ms Milne is still on leave for this term and there is a replacement teacher on Stage 3 Drama.

Some Rule Reminders

Mobile Phones are not encouraged and are not allowed to be used during school hours. However, some children who need them after school must hand-in their phones to the class teacher in the morning. The teacher will lock the phones away for the day.

Soccer /Footballs/Basketball Balls from home are not allowed. Students may ask Mr Tuton for a ball to borrow at lunch. This rule reduces arguments and injuries as we regulate how hard the balls are blown up and how many balls are on the crowded play areas.

Morning Arrival: All students must assemble in the Amphitheatre area if arriving shortly before 8.45. Students should not be at school before this time.

High School Students picking up Siblings are reminded that they are not to disturb classes if they arrive early, but to wait in the Amphitheatre area if it is not being used until 3.15.

Year 6 is the final year of primary school and an exciting time as students can take a leadership role in our school. We work together with high schools to assist our Year 6 students to have a successful start to high school.