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Kindergarten Transition to School Program


At Dulwich Hill Public School we understand that a child’s first year at school is an important one and the school works closely with families, local pre-schools and child care centres to ensure a smooth transition to school.

We offer a series of orientation and transition to school events for both parents and children in preparation for starting school, which are described below.


   Applications for enrolment are available at the school office or you can download a form here.

Application to enrol in a NSW Government School


School Tours

Come and see what makes our school special. Our school Principal, Ms Linda Wickham will take you on a grand tour of the school and give you a snapshot of our great learning spaces and opportunities for students. There are two tour dates TBC.


Bookings are essential. Please call Laura or Francesca on (02) 9559 2699 to lock in a tour date.


Is my child ready for school?


Starting school is such a big step. How do I know if my child is ready?

The NSW Department of Education parent website School A to Z has spoken to a range of teachers about how to make the right decision for your child. Here are some of the key points and questions to ask:

  • Children may be enrolled in Kindergarten at the beginning of the school year if they turn five years of age on or before the 31st July in that year.
  •  All children must be enrolled in school by their sixth birthday.
  • Are they physically ready?
  • Are they socially and emotionally ready?
  • Children don’t need to read or write before they start school.

When to start your child at school is an individual decision. You may want to discuss this with us or with your child’s pre-school teacher, carer or doctor.

Visit the  Going to a Public School website for an abundance of information and resources about starting school. (Please link this website to the words in bold)

Preparing for Kindergarten

You can help your child prepare for Kindergarten and be organised for the first day by reading Time to Start School, a guide from the Department of Education for families.  

Here is a story you can read to your child in preparation for starting school.

 What happens during a typical day in Kindergarten? Watch this clip from the NSW Department of Education A to Z website to see a snapshot.  

 The First Day

On the first day of Kindergarten your child will need:

  • A school bag which he/she can easily open
  • A healthy snack for recess
  • A sandwich, piece of fruit and water bottle for lunch
  • A school hat
  • An old t-shirt to be kept at school and used for painting

Please remember to clearly label ALL of your child’s belongings.

Best Start Literacy and Numeracy Assessment

The Best Start Literacy and Numeracy assessment is scheduled for the beginning of Term 1 each year before students begin Kindergarten. It helps teachers identify the knowledge and skills that each child brings to school as they enter Kindergarten and is a great opportunity for children to meet some of the teachers at our school. Find more information about Best Start here