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Frequently Asked Questions 


What time can I bring my child to school?

School hours ............ 9:15am-3:15pm

Lunch .....................11:30am-12:25am

Recess .......................1:45pm-2:05pm

For your child’s safety and welfare s/he should not be in the playground when it is unsupervised before 8.30am and after 3.00pm. If you collect your child from school please be prompt as lateness often causes distress to children.

What if I need to drop my child off before 8:30am or cannot pick my child up at 3:15pm?

Before and after school care will be available on the school premises. Care is available from 7:00am until 9:15am and 3:15pm until 6:00pm.

What do I need to do if my child is going to be absent from school?

You may call the office on the day of absence or after being absent a written explanation is required when the child returns. We consider regular attendance to be most important, but please keep your child at home if s/he is sick. If there is a need for your child to be collected from school during school hours, parents must sign a partial absence note located at the office, before collecting your child.

Do I need to do anything if my child is late for school?

On occasions where a late arrival is unavoidable, students are required to collect a late pass from the office before going to class.

Can I take my child away from school before 3:15 pm?

If a child is leaving the school before 3:15pm they must complete a partial absence note at the office.
This is a legal requirement to protect your child. A note is required for all absences whether part or whole day.

Can my child buy lunch at the school?

Our healthy canteen offers a variety of exciting healthy options. Orders are to be placed at the canteen before first bell.

How do I arrange for a meeting with my child’s class teacher?

Teachers are available for meetings with parents at mutually convenient times. Please arrange meetings beforehand, in writing or by phoning the office to arrange a meeting time.

Does the school provide Scripture lessons?

Members of various religious denominations(not teachers) conduct Scripture and Ethics lessons each Wednesday afternoon.The teaching staff supervises children who do not attend scripture. Parents nominate Ethics or the religious group they wish their child to attend. Changes to scripture nomination should be made in writing.At Dulwich Hill Public School we currently offer the following Scripture Lessons:Catholic, Ethics, Protestant and Orthodox.

If I change my contact details do I need to inform the school?

It is essential that you inform the office and the class teacher of any change of contact details relating to your child. This included mobile numbers, emergency contacts and home addresses. This is particularly important in case of sickness or accident.

Does my child have to wear a hat?

At Dulwich Hill Public school we have strict policy of no hat no play. School Hats can be purchased from the uniform shop. It is expected that all students wear these hats.

What do I do if my child has to take medication while at school? 

  • A completed “permission to administer medication” form must accompany any medication
  • Prescribed medications only may be taken at school
  • Medicine must be administered by Office Staff with First Aid training
  • Students requiring medication at school should go to the office
  • Medications kept at school will be stored in the office area
  • Students should carry asthma treatment with them on all school activities
  • Students are not permitted to keep medications on their person, in their bags or in classrooms. (with the exception of Asthma puffers). Teachers cannot be responsible for student medications.


The Department of Health recommends that children entering school be immunised against childhood diseases. The Department of Education and Training requires the school to sight an up-to-date immunisation certificate at the time of enrolment. The certificate may be downloaded from Medicare (the “Blue Book” is no longer acceptable). Children starting school require an immunisation booster against diphtheria and tetanus (CDT) and polio (Sabin). Children should also be immunised for measles if they have not previously contracted the virus. Immunisation is available from a General Practitioner, from local council clinics and from community health centres.

What are the rules relating to infectious diseases?

The NSW Department Of Education and Training requires the following periods of exclusion from school for students with infectious diseases listed below.

Chicken Pox – Exclusion from school until fully recovered. Minimum exclusion – 7 days after first spots appear and all spots have crusted and formed hard scabs.

German Measles – Exclusion from school until fully recovered. Minimum exclusion – 5 days after rash appears.

Measles – Minimum 5 days after rash appears.

Mumps – Exclusion from school until fully recovered. Minimum exclusion 1 week after swelling occurs.

Whooping cough – Exclusion from school until fully recovered. Minimum exclusion is 3 weeks from onset of whoop.

Ringworm/Scabies – Re-admission to school after appropriate treatment has commenced. A medical certificate detailing treatment is required.

Pediculosis (head lice) – Parents will be contacted if their child has head lice.  The child may return to school after they have been treated and as long as head lice managment is ongoing.

What if my child loses something valuable at school?

All valuables (including mobile phones) should remain at home or be left in the office during school hours.

Does my child have to go on school excursions or attend performances?

Excursions are planned to enrich the learning experience and all children participate. For all excursions including sport, for which students leave the school, permission notes are required. All notes and money for excursions and performances must be handed in  prior to the excursion date.