Together we inspire, create and learn for life



The library is the heart of the school community.  This year the library has run a book character parade, a Redgum read-a-thon and book week celebrations. Each year Dulwich Hill participates in an Indigenous Book Swap and holds an annual Scholastic Book Fair Students are given the opportunity to purchase items from book clubs throughout the year. They receive the Scholastic and Redgum and the Premier’s Reading Challenge magazines to browse and select items to purchase.

Our Library Philosophy:

-         Children learn best when their natural curiosity about the world is stimulated.

Our Library Aims:

-         To create a safe, engaging and inviting environment where children enjoy learning.

-         To provide quality literature for students of Dulwich Hill Public School. 

-         To fill the library with stories for all tastes.

-         Library staff welcomes feedback from students, parents and teachers and the community. 


-         Computer research involves teaching students to be astute users of information. 

-         In the library online tools have been used for presentations but always with strict guidelines about cyber safety.

-         The most recent was some Weebly presentations with years 5 & 6 at the start of the year.  In previous years we have used Voki, Prezi and Pictochart. 

The library is popular at lunchtime for various activities including socialising, reading, colouring and computers.